Pietra del Cardoso

Thus begins, we are around the 60s, a use of the Cardoso Stone for increasingly sophisticated and exclusive achievements that have contributed to make it a product of absolute excellence.

It is in this scenario that, as we have seen, in 2001 the Da.Vi. srl recovering an ancient quarry (it was in use between the 1800s and the early 1900s) and bringing to the market a material that immediately found an excellent reception by a clientele that over the years has been increasingly expanding. In 2009 the quarry Ficaio in Stazzema (this is the name of the quarry where Da.Vi. extracted) that, like all the Cardoso quarries, unlike the marble quarries, extends over a rather limited surface, has come to exhaustion provoking thus a suspension in the activity of the company.

This activity was resumed in March 2011 with the opening of the new quarry called "Filucchia 1" which, after an initial phase of uncovering and setting up the quarrying site, has started to supply a high quality material; this is what we expected considering the results of the surveys carried out a few years ago on this site, when we began the search for a deposit that gave guarantees of quality, quantity and that ensured a constant and valuable production to allow the establishment of a policy unpublished commercial for this type of material, that is to make it available to anyone who appreciates its beauty and its many methods of use; in fact, due to its excellent characteristics, the Pietra del Cardoso can be used both indoors and outdoors, even in the most adverse environmental conditions.

Currently DA.VI srl has two active quarries "Filucchia 1" and "Filucchia 2" which ensure a consistent, constant and high quality production of material.

The quantity currently extracted covers the current market demands but could easily be increased, if the opportunity arises, so as to carry out projects that are particularly demanding from the quantitative point of view.

Our product is marketed both in blocks and slabs but we are available to supply, for large quantities, processed and semi-finished products at competitive prices; We are at your disposal for any clarification or further information if necessary, do not hesitate to call us to the various contacts you find in the section of the site.

We are waiting for you in Versilia, at the Seravezza site where we can show you samples of our Pietra del Cardoso and the various finishes that make it particularly appreciated to embellish your rooms and suitable for any use. For those who wish it is possible to organize a guided tour of our quarries, where you can check how the passion for stone and respect for nature can go hand in hand with an extraction activity preserving the beauty of the environment in which we have the luck to operate.